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Get Rid of Your Pool Before it Drags You Down

Pool demolition.

The often-told tale of swimming pools is that they were used all the time when the kids were little, but now that they’ve grown up and moved out, there’s no one around to swim anymore. Like any other part of a house or yard, pools don’t last forever. Parts and tiles break, decks require resurfacing, wooden planks rot. All of this detracts from the beauty of your house. Plus, insurance for homes with pools is higher, and maintenance isn’t cheap. For some people, professional pool removal can be quite a relief.

That’s where Wm. C. Crosby Services, Inc. comes in. We remove above-ground and in-ground vinyl and concrete pools. From pool demolition to grading the yard for drainage, we handle every part of the process. You’ll be able to use your yard again! Instead of the backyard being closed for business in winter, you can enjoy the snow and sit outside with friends and family. Let us know what your plans are, and we’ll do our best to work with them.

We Have the Skills You Need

Pool demolition and removal should only be attempted by experts like us. Simply draining water and dropping in dirt doesn’t help when heavy rains come and cause water to rise out of the pool and flood your yard. This is a labor-intensive project that takes lots of training, especially since proper yard drainage is vital to a safe home and lawn.

Our in-ground pool removal service is equipped to deal with the pipes, electrical wires, and heavily reinforced material that come with pools. We bring everything we need and do all the heavy, dirty stuff while you can focus on caring for the rest of your house.

We’re the Best Choice for Pool Removal Projects

Pool removal completed.

With us on your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ve been working with pools of all types, heights, and sizes for several decades in and around Pasadena, MD. Our team knows how to do the job right and provide the exact pool removal you need.

We employ the latest and most advanced equipment so that every job meets or exceeds the highest standards in the business. Besides attaining all required permits and removing water, our concrete pool removal package includes:

  • Demolishing the Walls
  • Removing Broken Concrete
  • Filling the Hole
  • Grade to Provide Adequate Drainage Away from the House
  • Spreading Topsoil on the Area
  • Straw and Seed

Get rid of your pool for good. Contact us for a consultation on what needs to be done to give you your yard back. We remove all kinds of pools in Pasadena, Maryland, and surrounding communities.

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