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Rubber wall foundation.

If you’ve noticed structural issues in regards to your foundation, it’s time to do something about it. Wm. C. Crosby Services, Inc. is equipped to fix any foundation or structural fault with ease. We have more than three decades of experience doing so and come equipped with all the necessary tools. Our foundation repair aims to make your building completely waterproof so you and your property will be ready for rainstorms.

Foundation failure can cause all kinds of problems. It starts with doors and windows not closing correctly and can escalate into leaning houses and chimneys. Structural repair is integral for your and your family’s safety, to say nothing of your property value and curb appeal. A cracked or weakened foundation can affect the floor, walls, and even the ceiling of your house. If you’ve notice any issues, contact our team for foundation repairs done right.

Don’t Put Off Important Repairs

You don’t want to wait until you’ve got a flood on your hands to start dealing with drainage repair. All it takes is one strong rainstorm to irreparably ruin your beautiful home. When you call us, every inch of dirt around the affected foundation wall will be excavated by our professionals and their top-of-the-line technology. Any cracks, breaks, or other structural issues will be fixed before we finish. By the time we’re done, water will be kept out and stay out.

We pride ourselves on being able to do whatever your project needs in order to leave you with a strong and healthy home. We will parge the repaired foundation wall and waterproof it. We can also install an underdrain and back fill the foundation to promote positive drainage away from the newly repaired foundation.

We Always Keep the Customer Involved

We know how daunting it can be to hand over your beloved home to someone else. That’s why we include you in every part of the process, starting with our free initial consultation. This service allows us to inspect and evaluate your property to determine what must be done. The consultation is your chance to bring up any concerns or questions you have on your mind. We work around your needs, house, and budget to come up with a solution that you and your family will be happy with.

Be prepared for anything this season. Contact us to inspect your home today.

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